Just Tired

I’ve been up since 3:30. I’m back on my meds, so I feel better in that I’m not dizzy. But I still feel sad right now, and sluggish. I’ve eaten way too much ice cream today. I should never, ever have it in the house. Usually I don’t, but occasionally, I get careless.

I got the OT’s report in the mail. It seems to say that the work I was doing wasn’t high risk. And suggests that repetitive motions don’t cause carpal tunnel. Which is exactly the opposite of what I thought, and what my own OT says, but what do I know? It’s only my body. My hands.

And I’m worried about what the insurance woman will say about my blog at the hearing. Will they share excerpts? That could be really humiliating.

So I’m feeling pretty down right now.

I could use a bath. A nice, super shallow, half in the water, half out bath.

Goodnight ❤️😘😴

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