I updated my photos to the cuter ones in my smiling post. Natural light. It’s a beautiful thing.

Although the About pic was taken under a bright white light, so never mind.

Desmond brought Big Nate down for me to read to him this morning. I love that he still likes me to read to him. I wish I could stay up later so I could read with both of them more.

I’ve been going to bed earlier than them, lately. Too tired.

If I got an office job, my sleep schedule could go back to normal.

There’s still the problem of aftercare, though. Would anyone even take Aislyn? She still has accidents.

They might, and just have her do all her own toileting. That’s what Dover Children’s did when Desmond had an accident.

But Dover Children’s is no more. They moved out, Kid’s Culture moved in. Alice-Marie worked for them as a behavior specialist. She said they had some real toughies; rock-hurlers. I’d be nervous about sending them there.

Aftercare will run me about $200 a week, I think. I think it was $90/ week for Desmond, regardless of how many days he was actually there. If I got an 8-5 job, they’d be there two days, possibly three in the future?

That’s not terrible.

I mean, ideally, they wouldn’t need any aftercare, with the medical stuff they both have going on. They should be home after school, everyday.

But it’s just not reality. Not my reality, anyway. Not if I work 8-5.

Even an administrative assistant-type role would pay more than what I make right now. I’d be overqualified, but I could always move up.

Doesn’t anyone up there need administrative assistance? That nice lady with the beautiful office who’s on the safety committee? Christine, I think her name is?

No? Aw, man!

There’s got to be something I can do up there.

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