Pretty Soon I Should Do Something Useful

I’m dressed, at least

I just feel like not doing anything today, I guess.

4:30 pm: I was going to gut and reorganize the pantry, but I got sidetracked.

Can’t imagine why…

Instead, Aislyn and I had ice cream cones. Then she and Desmond and I played Guess Who. The age range is 6+, and she is 5. It was just slightly over her head. But I think with practice and help, she’ll pick it up sooner than later. She’s a smart kid.

Then we all got very silly in the dining room.

Crazy Desmond
Regular Desmond
Shane wanted in on the fun

I didn’t get Aislyn’s picture, because she had Dorito-mouth, and so I had her wash her face first, but they never came back. They’re upstairs, now, playing loudly.

Candle set I got Derek for Xmas. Handmade by Sherrie’s husband. He’s very talented.

So, now, here I am.

I ordered an Echo Dot Bluetooth speaker (on sale) from the Somersworth Target for pickup, so I could listen to Spotify while I cleaned the pantry. By the time I get it, though, it’s going to be too late in the day to do. You saw the picture. It is a several hour project.

Well, it is the way I do it. That’s right. I take my time. It’s not a bad thing.

My favorite hanging around the house shirt is ruined.


Kinda sad about that. It’s super cute and stripey. I like stripes.


That happens to all of my hanging around the house shirts. Ah, well…

So, that’s been my afternoon.

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