I stole Desmond’s comfy gaming chair to play Gabby’s dollhouse with Aislyn.

Leaning way back in the chair. Sorry that I’m flashing you a little, there. Well, not really, I guess. Just a suggestion of a flash. A hint, if you will.

Then Shane came over to cuddle.

Good boy

But now I have to get up because I have an OT appointment. Look at this dollhouse!

Isn’t it amaze-balls?

It even attracted Charlie Brown from his old neighborhood. He’s bringing over his lame little Christmas tree. Except I like the tree. It’s got character. It’s iconic.

We do not have the leg lamp from A Christmas Story.

I have to go, now.

I have been bad. I haven’t even been wearing my left splint because of my watch.

Malfeasance. Big trouble.

Detention. I will behave myself x 1 million.

Uhhh, question: can I type it?

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