Try This Again

Desmond’s chair is rapidly becoming Shane’s chair, cat hair and all. Foolishly, I selected a black chair.

I found the most comfortable jeans in the world in the next size up. Fortunately, I guess I have not brought my jeans to GW in a while, because I still had some bigger sizes from the summer/ early fall in a bin.

It’s unfortunate that I need the bigger size right now, but it is what it is, right? It’s the holiday season. Almost everyone gains. I’m not going to bully myself anymore for gaining this time of year.

I shouldn’t ever be bullying myself. I don’t take that shit from anyone else, why should I take it from me?

That’s right. I am a tough little nut. I stood up to the school bully in 8th grade, don’t forget: coming soon: Go to Hell: a Story of Insane Bravery, by Leah Donaher Taylor.

I am good at generating titles. Just not actual books.

Anyway, that self-compassion that Gary Foster promotes in his book The Shift, it’s not wrong. I suspect I would do better if I forgave myself my mistakes.

So I’m gonna try.

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