Out and About

My last OT session went well. I’ve gotten stronger. I still have to read the report from the OT who visited me at work.

Derek’s women’s size 7 pink platform sneakers are on their way back to Converse.

I found a mirror that I think will be more truthful with me than the cheapo, skinny little over-the-door mirrors we have in the bedroom and closet.

I got a giant container of Mom’s bone soup that we can eat for dinner, for almost no points.

It was a pretty productive outing, except I did not find the right picture hangers. I went to two stores.

I totally just found them on Amazon:

I looked before and I swear they were not there!

Anyway, now they’re on their way, too.

That’s about all, for now.

Bed now. Goodnight ❤️😘

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