Let’s See What Happens

I don’t know what we’ll do today. It’s pretty much just me and the kids from now until Friday.

They’ve got a million new things to play with, of course. Aislyn loves her Gabby dollhouse. Desmond loves his gaming chair and glow-in-the-dark blanket. In my infinite wisdom, I forgot that he sleeps with the light on.

I decided to wait until later to eat breakfast instead of right as soon as I got up. I’m starting to feel hungry, now.

I still want to do something for the guys who are working this week. Pizza might be too complicated, as they are there different days. Maybe DD cards? Yeah, that could work.

I was looking at that veterans plaque on the wall in the cafeteria the other day. It turns out A and Ray are also vets. Oops. I did not do anything for them.

It’s okay, I didn’t know, and, in my defense, at that time, Ray would not say shit to me if his mouth was full of it.

That joke is disgusting. I think I might not use it anymore.

Really, they should all have just gotten the day off. We’d survive the one day without them. It seems like an important day not to get, if you defended your country for four or more years.

But it’s not up to me. And a lot of places don’t give it. Easter Seals didn’t, when I worked there. I remember Clara wanted to be in a parade or a ceremony of some kind and couldn’t because they wouldn’t even let her take that day off.

Except for Ray, who I don’t know that well, they do all seem like the type of people who would be brave and strong enough to make that sacrifice for the rest of us. Respect, you guys.

My problems are so tiny in comparison to rescuing your friends in combat.

Anyway, time to eat.

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