Time to Wait for Doughnuts

That’s not what that guy used to say in the commercial? Oh, my bad.

I’m working on that list of stuff to be done, but I forgot to add Dunkin. Oops.

I need to rethink all this Dunkin in the future. I know I said no resolutions, but it costs a lot of money for like two sips of coffee.

Because I also end up buying stuff for everyone else, except poor Desmond, who’s not interested in Dunkin, but I feel like he gets shafted, just the same.

Maybe when I go back to work, I could just do it the two days a week I get the kids off the bus, and go on my lunch. Then maybe Sunday after WW? That way, three of us get something sometimes.

I’m going to Dick’s Sporting Goods, probably, to exchange boots. After I’m done getting my rx in Newmarket. I’m in Dover, now. Then after those, Somersworth Walmart. So basically, all over creation. Maybe I should go to Portsmouth Walmart?

Nah. I know where everything is in Somersworth. Okay, go now. Bye.

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