Stuff I Have to Do Today

  • More laundry
  • More cleaning: nope
  • Bike: nope
  • Play with the kids: a little
  • Call in a prescription: yup
  • Pick up said prescription: nope
  • Shower: yup
  • Find pants that will fit right now: yup
  • Finish groceries: yup
  • Call Converse: kinda

I ate breakfast at 3:30. It’s only been two hours and I’m already hungry. I have…

9 points left for the day. But I’ve pre-tracked my meals, so the 9 points are for whatever else I want. Isn’t it cool, though? I’ve always wished for something like this. You know, other than my brain. Now I have a cool visual that also plays music, sends texts, and probably takes calls.

See you soon, my sleepy peeps ❤️

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