Everyone’s Still Sleeping!

I know! I even got some of the boxes broken down and bagged. Now there’s much less mess on the floor.

Tidier than it was!

But I’m still the only one down here.

Impulse compels me to check on Desmond, but Mama instincts tell me he probably just had another rough night trying to get to sleep. So I’m in a state of anxious/ mama paralysis. Should I stay or should I go now?

Yup, I do like that song. And although I don’t know it word for word, it still gets stuck in my head. Wicked stuck. And I’m obnoxious about it.

I’m like that with a lot of 80s music. I know it. I remember it from when I was a little girl. I like it. But I don’t know it so well I can sing it in my sleep.

I was a bit younger than the kids on that show Stranger Things, which is based in the early 80s. I’m in that same generation, (X) but, while they were in middle and high school, I was just going into grade school.

Derek is the same age as me. In fact, he is just 19 days my senior. This means we turned 21 at just about exactly the same time. It made for an interesting spring.

My brother Erik is 48. My brother Paul is 42. I, of course, am 29.

My cousin Tara, who I absolutely adored, is also 48. My cousin Amanda, who absolutely adored me, is 40.

Aren’t you so glad you have today off to learn all about my family tree?

If in deed you have today off. If not, I am sorry. My bad.

Getting in the shower, now.

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