My Christmas is Bigger than Your Christmas

Nah, but mine probably takes longer.

We’d just finished opening our presents from under the tree.

Then, Dad and Laurie came over, and we opened more presents and visited with them.

Then, Crazy Uncle Erik came over, and we opened even more presents and visited with him. He brought the dog, but the poor thing was terrified of the cats. Blizzard is a little dog, like a Bichon Frieze, I think. Barely bigger than the cats.

Now, everyone has gone, Desmond is upstairs, Aislyn is on the Switch, and here I am.

I got my Apple Watch, see?

It’s what I asked for.

It’s supposed to be able to tell me how many WW points I have left for the day. I’ve got to get a USB port to charge it, and a screen protector before I wear it out of the house.

I also got canvas prints of the kids for the gallery wall.

The kids got a sh— ton of games, an arts and crafts vault, Kindles, four (4) soccer balls, boots, clothes, a comfy gaming chair, a digital camera, geodes, books, a light up tent, headlamps, Wiki Stiks, gummy bears, pop tubes, and other fun stuff.

One present I’m particularly proud of:

Middle school next year

I don’t know if he’ll be interested in it, yet, but at least he has it now. I haven’t read it, myself. I probably should, I guess.

Putting labels on a new box. Hmmm…
Soccer ball with flags. Also comfy chair and blanket.
Oh my God, that’s a Leah face if I ever saw one.

Desmond made Aislyn another calendar this year. It is accurate, and includes funny cartoons.

I ordered these shoes for Derek:

We got these:

Merry Christmas, and I’m sorry.

Is it dinner yet?

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