Bah! WordPress

Sorry, I had to curtail that last post. WP was being a PITA.

Desmond is up, now. I floated the idea of getting dressed now to save some time. That didn’t go over well.

Like anyone, Desmond has his routines, and doesn’t really like to stray from them. He comes down, watches his show for a while, talks to Mama, plays with the cat. iPad, eats, eventually gets dressed.

We used to have to write daily schedules for him, when he was little. To do lists. He loved those. He thrives on structure.

Aislyn is a more laid back, go-with-the-flow kind of child than Desmond. In a hyperactive, flibberty-jibbet sort of way. I think the activity is just her age, though. She doesn’t seem to have attention problems or hyperactivity in school. She has clearly selective attention at home.

I don’t think I had attention or hyperactivity problems in school, either, though. But I did fidget, daydream, and occasionally fool around for attention from my peers. So maybe?


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