It wasn’t even 7 yet when I went to bed. I think it was 6:15.

I came in here, sat, and just out of nowhere, broke down crying. I don’t know. Sometimes I just get overwhelmed with emotion.

I’ve been practicing on the tugger. I think I’m getting good at it. I can circle the WH with two of the attachments behind me without hitting anything.

The kid turns out to be a good teacher. Like Rick. He said he could tell that Rick really liked working with me. That made me happy.

It might be hard for me to ever work exclusively from home. I do love my people. Even as introverted as I am. I love and need my people.

I mean, I did work from home for a year, and I did it successfully. But my ideal work environment involves others in some capacity.

When you work remotely, you still have a social network. But it’s not the same as being there, face to face. It’s just not.

I think I may go back to sleep for a little while. Until my Desmond comes down.

Thanks for being my people, too, all you readers ❤️

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