I’m wearing my magic phone necklace.

I do wish this phone was a lot smaller. It’s not terribly comfortable in my little, carpal tunneled hands. K’s phone is tiny. It’s an 8, I think he said.

It’s just that the 11 was on super sale, and Derek likes his.

Aislyn messed with the wire on this magic thing, and now it’s all wonky-shaped and crooked.

Things that are crooked kind of irritate me sometimes. They shouldn’t, I’m not perfect. One shoulder’s higher than the other, I guess.

Full disclosure, I have a rash all around my chest and shoulders because of a new bra. I’m only supposed to wear 100% cotton. Well, guess what? 100% cotton bras are really hard to find. Fruit of the Loom makes them, but their sizing is all off. I get them home and they don’t fit.

So now I have to put prescription hydrocortisone all over that area.

My skin is way sensitive. I have to use only certain soaps, detergents, no dryer sheets. K is the same way, I guess. He’s very fair skinned, too. I think that’s what it is.

Pretty soon I’m going to have to get off my butt.

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