Last Hutch Lunch of the Year?

Nope. I’m wrong. I’m working next week. Keep forgetting.

I might not like tomato soup so much. It is from free lunch Monday. I’m still eating it, though. And hard boiled eggs. Groceries have still not made it to my house.

Okay, I think I’m done with the soup, now that the eggs are gone.

That’s okay. The eggs will keep me full for a while.

I feel tired today. Not like yesterday. Yesterday I was a flaming ball of energy. Today, I could fall asleep right here. Might be the weather.

I wish everyday could be like inventory day. That was a fun day. Even getting detention was fun. I forget why I even got it.

Oh, that’s right. Voids.

Wait, wouldn’t that encourage me to get voids next time? So I get more detention? No one wants that.

Well, maybe I’m wrong. Some people might want that. Like the Honda ladies.

Why am I always in trouble all the time?

Actually, losing that clipboard was not fun at all. I still don’t know what happened to that thing.

Aw, man!

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