Finally, a chance to chat. I’m even in a comfy chair, because I forgot my fruit cup today.

The vendeteria has fruit cups, but they are 6 rather than 0 points.

It’s been busy, and I am sweating my brains out.

I have a bunch of leftover Christmas presents I’ve been too tired to wrap. I also never finished putting candles in windows. No Christmas rings, this year.

I think I’ve just been really tired.

As for my weight loss plans, I’m just trying to get through the end of the year without gaining anymore. I’m running out of pants that fit. That’s why I’m in a skirt today.

I think it was a good plan, though. I’m so hot.

I hate to do this, but I’ve got to go. This post was rather pointless.

But I still hope you liked it 😳

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