I Lost the Clipboard

I left just slightly early because there was truly nothing to do. But I got trained on the tugger some more, and the trash compactor.

I doubt that I will ever run the trash compactor. It is too deadly.

Inventory didn’t last long, but I got detention from Evan for voids, then they put me in the stocks for losing the clipboard.

Then I got in so much hot water with Ray for a number reversal that he had to break his vow of silence toward me to notify me of my transgression!

Until today, I didn’t even know he knew my name.

He does.

Then I bugged Evan during my lunch because he was still in there, waiting for people to finish inventory. We talked about some of my favorite things, like cats, dogs, chocolate, beer (I mean, I used to like beer a lot), and jobs.

So it was a pretty good day.

I never did find the clipboard.

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