Best Break Ever

Well, not really. My feet are just tired from all the standing in one location. Just standing, for me, takes more energy than running around.

I didn’t really pay attention to what time I came in here. But it’s busy.

Evan is in here, too, doing inventory-related stuff. I would go annoy him, but he is really busy now. I wonder what time he had to get here for this.

Oh, man! I have chocolate in my desk drawer (I claimed a drawer in the desk in our area to put all my stuff). That’s what I got it for, to give out to people I like for Christmas. But I keep forgetting I have it. So it remains unopened.

That’s right, I haven’t eaten any of it, myself. Aren’t you proud?

I dunno if he likes chocolate, but I guess it’s the thought that counts, yes?

Oh, well. It’s probably not too late.

I was going to do something with them in the WH, like arrange them in a trail or assembly line on that long front desk. Or an L or something.

He has such a nice voice.

Anyway, I have to go.

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