Back Sore

I must’ve done something yesterday, lifted something I shouldna. Cus my back hurts.

It could’ve been the 646 boxes. By themselves they’re not all that heavy, but I had to lift one really high and I did feel like I was pushing it a little. My luck, I mean.

I should do my free weights. I need upper arm strength. Trunk strength, too.

When I was a dancer, I think I had good core strength. I’ve never been strong in the arms, though.

I could do weights instead of snacking. Snacking is just easier. It’s not work. I work all day. Well, duh. But what I mean is, my job is 100% physical. So when I get home, I want to relax.

But I really shouldn’t pair eating with any other behaviors. That’s how I get in trouble. I associate eating and drinking with relaxation, blogging, television, socializing, all kinds of activities.

Ideally, mindful eating should happen away from most of those things. I do a lot of mindless eating at home.

And I need to stop midnight snacking. Terrible habit to have gotten myself into.

I’m down a little on my scale, so there’s that.

I need to remember it’s the holiday season, too. I’m not going to be perfect, and that’s okay. While I did have a full plate of Chinese food at the party yesterday, I did my best to track it all and only had one small dessert (not the two bite scone).

I am in the hole, but at least trying to keep up with the tracking. If I could stop coming down here at night, I think I could make some headway.

Time to go, friends. Have a wonderful day. Thanks for reading.

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