Swap and Shame

I brought one of our serving spoons, but I’m hoping HR will supply something, because I don’t want to just leave my stuff lying around. Items have been known to disappear, or so I’m told.

Maybe I’ll just go in and ask them when I’m done in here. I don’t have that many serving spoons to begin with.

I still think a Secret Santa or gift swap would’ve been funny. I don’t really like participating in them, but it would’ve been entertaining. I found a really good present: a f***ing calendar.

You understand I don’t mean a calendar with graphic photos of people going at it like rabbits, right? Yikes! I know it’s not that kind of party! Give me a little credit.

Look it up on Amazon. It says it is a best seller. It’s fricken hilarious.

The only problem is, where could you actually use it? Work is out, obviously. And you can’t really hang it at home, either. I mean, not really.

Even if you don’t have kids, I feel like something like that would mess with your Feng shui. Like you have guests over some night, and they go, “Wow, what a lovely place you—oh…”

Or if you’re a bachelor and you have a woman over on a date. Unless you’re in your early 20s, maybe, you don’t want that kinda thing interfering with the mood of the place, the night, etc.

I guess it’s just funny to look at like a book and then regift. “Thanks…what am I supposed to do with this?”

I have to go right now, but can we also talk about dog-shaming? I don’t have a dog, but these little tidbits make me laugh my head off. Whose idea was this? Genius.

Okay. For real, going now.

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