Soft Kitty

Shane came up close for some affection. He lovey his Mama.

Shane knows when Mama needs some cuddlezin.

Desmond is up, too. I guess he fell out of bed. I heard the thump upstairs, and he came down right after.

I’ve done that before. I remember it happened once when we were still living in Lynn, so I would’ve been 6 or 7, probably.

I had fallen out of bed and hadn’t woken up, and I remember I was having a dream about Inspector Gadget (remember him?), and my ear really hurt, and sure enough, when I woke up, it was suctioned to the hardwood floor.

I remember crazy things.

I remember, at 5, seeing a mouse in the food cabinet when my mother opened it, and being so freaked out I couldn’t speak.

I remember, at 6, bursting into tears when my teacher told me my coloring was atrocious and I’d have to stay inside during recess to fix it.

I remember, at 9, Steven Luck holding the door for me and saying “Amphibians first!”

I remember, at 4, being afraid of cats.

I’m going to go read some Big Nate with Desmond.

Check this out:

He likey the heating pad

It’s not heated, he just likes the weight of it. He’d probably love it if it were heated, though.

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