My Brothers!

Oh, no! How could I forget my brothers!

What do I get them?

Erik’s not so bad. Something to do with computers or astronomy. Or Bichon Friezes.

But Paul’s not talking to me again, and I am worried about him. He stops communicating when he’s not doing well. Funny calendar?

If only he would, like, find a girlfriend, or Jesus, or something.

Maybe an inspirational calendar. Which he might think is supposed to be funny. Except it isn’t. Aha! Sneaking some words of wisdom into his life.

Okay, all set.

For Paul: Eddie Bauer throw and inspirational keychain.

For Erik: different color throw and funny coffee mug.

Everyone appreciates nice Sherpa blankets in the winter in New England. Right?

Well, anyway, I would.

I ended up getting Two-Bite snacks: chocolate dipped macaroons and little blueberry scones, I think, for the potluck. That way, there’ll be a portion-appropriate snack for me in case nobody else brings one.

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