I Don’t Get It

Somehow, I’ve managed to gain 10 pounds in two weeks.

I thought I had a pretty good week. Nope. And it’s legit weight gain. I can tell because my clothes are tight. I’m almost back to where I started in the WH.

I’ve made basically zero progress. I should’ve lost like 30 pounds by now. I am so frustrated with myself.

Whatever, I guess. I could cry, right now. It’s the holidays. People gain. I will try the alarm tracking this week.

It didn’t go so well last night. I ignored the only alarm that went off. But I’m in trouble, here. My clothes don’t fit, so maybe that’ll light a fire under me. It didn’t yesterday, though.

Today is a new day. It’s a new week. It’s an opportunity to make changes. Look, I won’t even wait for the alarm. I’ll go track right now.

Breakfast, lunch, snack are tracked.

I’m going to get back on Connect. I’m going to do that now.


There. Now at least I feel like I’ve done something.

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