Yeah, No

I just say that a lot.

They can’t find the pharmacist on account of the weather.

I hope it’s okay by the time I get out there.

I’ve had mostly good days this week, two not so great. Expecting a loss. Maybe not a big one, but some kinda one.

Is it weird that I don’t have a Boston accent? I grew up on the North Shore. About half my classmates have it. My parents had it. My whole extended family has it, actually.

I can imitate it. Way better than professional actors, most of whom butcher it.

I think it depends specifically on what part of Massachusetts you’re from. People who grow up in Lynn, for example, all have the accident.

But if you spend most of your formative years in neighboring Swampscott, you don’t usually have it. Some exceptions to that, I suppose, would be my friend Jen, Marc Sloan from the post “What Does Leehoe Mean, Anyway?” and Zack from “Never the Same Place Twice, Part II.” They all had it, wicked bad.

And yes, I do say “wicked.” It slips out when I’m excited. Like omitting commas.

And I curse when I’m upset.

Or sometimes when I’m bored, apparently.

Wow, I need to take a showah. Wicked bad.

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