Errrrr Eeeeeee Mmmmm

Stomach noises. I am so hungry.

Hi 🙂

I tried to take a picture of my noisy stomach, but it was too hard and my shirt was all bunchy. So here’s my lovely face instead.

Because I’m hungry, and don’t want oatmeal again, I spent $25 on dinner for just myself. DoorDash is ridiculous.

I visited Sherrie and met her husband and son, Tom and Tom, respectively.

I guess the upstairs oftentimes does their own thing for Christmas? But sometimes they come down at the end of ours.

Too bad upstairs and downstairs don’t do it together—not like that. Although if it’s gonna be that kind of party…

I wish there had been more time to decide what to bring.

I wonder if the whole downstairs mingles or if people hang out by, like, department. Maybe all the boys get on one side, and the girls get on the other, and nobody talks to anybody. Nah, but, that would be funny.

I’m pretty close to finished wrapping, I think. Got to get one sizable present for Desmond. Better get on that now, actually.

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