So Much for Dress Down Day

Well, here I am in this yellow tent of a shirt and my wide leg jeans. Entirely shapeless.

I suppose I could’ve selected better-fitting shirts. But not really, because I think the only other size they had was small, and believe me, no one wants to see that. The size I wanted, they didn’t have.

Anyway, this is what they want. For some reason. I guess.

No, I get it. Uniformity. It’s just that office people have more latitude.

But I’m not office people.

The safety director already has an intern. So if they create a position there, I would imagine the intern would probably get first dibs.

There’s been nothing, nothing, nothing on the job board. I look everyday.

I just asked M, too, a couple of days ago. She said the retirement process can happen very quickly, depending on the position. Engineers tend to give more notice, for example, while other employees announce their retirement, and two weeks later, they’re done.

I just think of Sherrie, whose retirement plans have been in the works for almost a year. Rick’s took a few months. So I guess it does vary.

I’m just anxious to get up there and use my many degree-related skills. And dress like a librarian fearlessly. Nah, but…yeah.

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