Another Slow One

Quiet day. Nothing was happening, so I went to lunch. This little packet of instant oatmeal never seems like enough. Usually, it is, though.

I don’t have that much to talk about, unfortunately. Like I said, not much going on.

Well, okay. I was taking red boxes out to 482 black when, from a bit of a distance, I noticed a man looking right at me. Guess who. So I guess from now on, any time a dude is staring at me, I can safely assume it’s him. Naturally, he was engaged in delightful-looking conversation with the lady who works in Mazda while doing so. I almost want to say “If you think I’m that cute, it wouldn’t kill you to at least give me a nod once in a while.” Jeez, I get nuthin from him.

I have overtime days I’m coming in. January 14 and February 20-something. Still have to practice the tugger. I guess other people will be there, too. So I might not have to worry right off about the lift truck.

Aw, shoot. Gotta go.

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