Bonding with the Boy 👍

Desmond and I were looking at my stats and I explained to him how they work. He is the only other person I know of right now who shares that interest with me.

Then I read him “Christmas and Everything Else” from last year. I read ahead to make sure it was clean. He thought it was hilarious, it was great.

He said one of my jokes sounded like something Louis Sachar would say. I was so flattered. Louis Sachar is one of if not my favorite children’s author.

Then he shared with me a notebook with all the details of a video game he’s developing, and oh, my gosh, it was so intricate. So creative. He’s got a collapsible character made of rubber bands, for crying out loud! How amazing is that?

I count these times with him as invaluable. He’s still young enough that he wants to be around me and share things with me. And every time he does, I’m absolutely blown away by his brilliance.

I’m welling up thinking about how proud I am of him and his sister, and how very lucky I am to have them in my life. Talk about gifts. They are.

I’m so happy I got up as early as I did today. I’ve appreciated every moment of this day.

Is that cheesy? That’s okay. I love cheese, too.

The Boy, bonding with kitty. Doesn’t Shane look thrilled?

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