I had a whole post going and had to scrap it because I was just too self-conscious to share. So this will be short.

It’s getting close to the holidays, and I will be out of work. We do get paid, though.

But there are reasons why I’m anxious about not working. One of them is all the steps. Sure, I can say I’m going to ride the bike over vacation, but will I?

With work, it’s a guarantee. I have to do it.

Another is routine. I like my workday, I’ve got it down to a science. I am excellent at not overeating at work—most of the time. Occasionally I will have the random cookie, but let’s agree 9 times out of 10 I’ve got the work thing.

Being home all day, all that access to the kitchen…

Maybe being more sedentary will make me less hungry.

If I worry too much I’m going to blow the whole thing up bigger than it needs to be.

I should maybe make a plan, though. Bike first thing? Start off the day motivated?

Gotta go, my friends. Have an awesome day. Drive safe. Thanks for being my readers.

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