K started me on the tugger. Just the orange part, around the WH. It’s not bad, so far.

I’m not as nervous about the tugger as I am about the lift truck.

I guess the insurance company is coming here to see what I do.

I don’t think much of anything could ruin my mood, right now. I mean, within reason, of course.

Oh, no, I hope those are not famous last words.

I’m having a pretty awesome day. I even didn’t buy a sugary snack like I kind of wanted to.

I looked back through some of my posts and discovered just about exactly when my motivation dropped off and I stopped losing weight: early October. It didn’t surprise me at all; I know what happened that bummed me out and derailed me. A few things, actually. October was probably the worst month of 2022 for me, right? It was one disappointment after the other.

I think it is good insight to have.

Now that the dust has settled, though, maybe I can get back on track? I’m not making any promises, because it seems like, when I do that, I sabotage myself.

Let’s just hope so for right now; not expect anything.

Sorry readers, I think my rack post was a bit more exciting than this one. But, isn’t the fact that I’m not so gloomy now exciting enough? No?

Okay, bring back the rack!

Yes, I totally just wanted to make the rhyme.

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