Okay, I shouldn’t care, right? I don’t even know the guy! But I still feel like the only person in the entire world that Ray won’t talk to. I’ve watched him with other people and, while soft spoken, he is nevertheless quite social.

I am in the WH. I’m the only person in there he doesn’t talk to. Like, he goes out of his way to chat with everyone else. The discrepancy is painfully obvious.

Probably only to me, though.

Like, is he even aware of this behavior? Probably not. But I’m beginning to feel like the WH pariah.

I used to think he was just nervous around women. But he’s not. He’s totally comfortable with all different women. Just not me.

Can this really all be an attraction thing? I am doubtful.

He is married, so I don’t get it.

I guess he’s not dead, though. Isn’t that what they say?

I wonder if he thinks I don’t like him for some reason. Maybe I act weirdly in response to his weirdness?

Maybe he’s just awkward like I am, and somehow detects my awkwardness.

Because now I feel like it’s too awkward to ever start being “normal” to each other. There will always be this weirdness.

Can you tell this is not my favorite situation?

Probably one of my favorite topics, though. Sorry, readers for killing it to death.

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