Leah Will Be Leah

Well, I was just about over the Ray thing when I heard him say, “Hey, what’s goin’ on?” and start a conversation with yet another person in the WH that wasn’t me.

Why is he so stingy with me, seriously? I’m a lovely person!

It’s so stupid that I care about this. But I simply cannot accept the explanation that I make him nervous. Why would I make anyone nervous? It’s other people who make me nervous!

I don’t know. Maybe? I’m one of the few females in the WH. I guess it would make sense that, of all those men, one of them would find me attractive.

One. Maybe two?

I’m not even a little bit intimidating. And I feel left out. Is that weird?

It’s been a rather quiet day. I went to lunch early because nothing really was happening. But it’s going to be a long rest of the day.

Especially with P and D. I don’t know them that well. They are second shift.

They’re okay, though. At least they both say hi or nod. Something!

Okay okay, I’m dwelling. Time to go.

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