Where Did I Go?

I cleaned the kitchen and living room. Then I took a long winter’s nap.

I should’ve probably cleaned the tub. But my hand hurts all the way up to my shoulder today. I must’ve done something yesterday.

I got a special tool specifically to clean tubs. I haven’t used it yet, obviously. But I’m looking forward to trying it.

I’m thinking about taking Aislyn somewhere while Desmond is at basketball, but I don’t know where. I think the playground would be cold.

Later we’re going to see Christmas lights in Epping. There’s a whole neighborhood that’s like a light show. Aislyn does not want to take Dramamine for the car ride.

It’s been hard to travel anywhere very far because Desmond also used to get car sick.

I say we just don’t give it to her and let the chips fall where they may. Usually, she’s okay. If she throws up, she throws up. We can clean it up.

Too bad it’s not closer to us.

But you can’t force a kid to do anything they don’t want to do, and if she doesn’t want the Dramamine, we can’t make her take it.

Because she’s 5, it’s very easy to get into power struggles with her. I’m pretty sure Desmond was the same way at her age. The best thing to do is just not engage her.

I know 5-year-olds because of my preK background. They always argue. “But I just” are their favorite words.

She’s like Desmond in that, she’s so smart and advanced, and also emotionally intelligent for her age, that sometimes it’s easy to forget she’s still just a kid being a kid.

I’d say Lickees and Chewies, but, I dunno. It’s a cold day for ice cream. Maybe I could just get some ice cream delivered from Instacart. Then we don’t have to go into the cold.

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