The Kids

I feel a little more rested, now, although I didn’t rest much. I’ve been spending time with Desmond.

I love talking to Desmond. He’s so smart and funny.

And Aislyn is so perceptive and sweet.

They’re both so smart. Both are ahead of their classmates, but neither of them are boastful of it.

They’re both helpful and supportive to their peers.

Needless to say, their teachers had awesome things to report about them on Thursday.

It’s funny. They don’t always get along with each other, but so interesting how similar they actually are.

Aislyn, unsurprisingly, is a natural empath. And Desmond is often the one kid who gets his teacher’s jokes.

I’m so proud of them. I wasn’t surprised to get such glowing synopses from their teachers, but it’s still validating to know that, despite the obstacles of everyday life: the exhaustion, stressors, various obligations and minutiae, we must be doing something right.

They’re like me. But they’re not like me. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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