Out of Creative Titles

I reached my quota of 1 this morning when I changed my blog’s name.

It’s been quite a boring day. Slow because they’re only running gray. K’s still out, but we expect him tomorrow. Nothing wonderful or amazing has transpired as of yet.

We did have that fun faux fire drill earlier, at which point I learned where I should go during an actual drill, now that I’m WH peeps.

Am I too old for “peeps”? No one will tell me! At this point, I think “peeps” is old, too. Unless someone cool has revived it. A trendsetter, if you will.

Maybe I will be that cool trendsetter.

Now, when you see me, you can say, “That’s the lady who brought back the word ‘peeps.’”

Of course, I am talking nonsense. I will never be that cool. I am a huge dork.

Don’t worry, I’m fine with it.

Maybe I should dial it down a little, though. During the fake fire drill, I was bent down, going through my bag, and I’m pretty sure Ray got himself a good eyeful of Leah.

I wonder if that’s why he acts so weird around me.

Either the broccoli is back or someone did a very stinky fart over here. Time to go.

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