On Edge

I stayed in bed too long. Then there were dishes in the sink. Was it my night last night for dishes? If it was, I was confused. Then I opened a package and the thing I was expecting was not in there.

Long story short, I have much less time, now, to do this and my light box. But at least I’m doing it.

Hands hurt.

I ate way too much last night. Not even going to say, because it’s embarrassing. I’m going to have a gain for sure this week. Christmas party Friday.

Maybe if I can make today and Saturday count, it won’t have quite as much of a negative impact? I suppose every little bit helps, right?

And even Friday, I can keep my wits about me, as my stepmother would say. Eat wisely beforehand so I’m not starving going in. Lots of water. No bread. Politely decline the hors d’oeuvres. One dessert, rather than all of them. Salad. Vegetable sides.

I know all the tricks. It’s just a matter of putting them into practice.

I wonder if I’ll roast in that heavy red sweater. My memory of past parties is that the function room was never especially hot. People are in and out all night. I almost think they have usually been somewhat drafty. But I’m not sure.

Seeing as I’m always hot, the sweater may have been a bad choice. But it was so pretty.

Still, I might have something else. Or I could wear a different kind of top underneath. A little dressier. I’ll figure something out.

Anyway, time to go. Talk later, my friends. Drive safe. Thanks for reading.

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