I’m thinking of changing the name of my blog again. I’m leaning toward “I Can Explain: The Truth About Leah Taylor. Yes, I like that. Done.

Something, oh God, something stinks in here. Like broccoli. Normally, I’ll eat broccoli, but WOW, it’s overPOWERING! I have to leave.

No, I’m not pregnant. I have my monthly bill. Hey, you asked.

Smells really bothered me when I was pregnant with Aislyn. There were places I completely avoided, like Shaw’s, because of whatever fall-scented decor they had on display.

I think they hired someone for G already. There was no advertisement, but there’s some woman trying to record her voice for a test alarm. Who would do that besides a safety assistant?

I’m in the front lobby. Not for long. I have to go like 5 minutes ago.

I have a morning OT appointment next week. I plan to make up for my missed time by working until 4:00 Monday and Tuesday. Brutal. But necessary.

Okay, alarm.

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