Tons of Stuff to Do This Afternoon

Got home at 3:00. I was only just able to sit down at quarter past 4.

I wrapped my first present of the holiday season, only because it was too heavy to lug upstairs to the closet where all the gifts are. It hurt my hands. I don’t know how I’m going to do all of my wrapping this year.

I got a lot of packages today. Mostly Christmas presents, but also glasses and some bras, which I sorely needed. They didn’t both fit, though.

That’s the problem with not trying stuff on before buying. I just hate trying on clothes. I loved it when I was super skinny. I used to drag my friend Chloe to all the stores while I modeled miniskirts and belly shirts.

Looking back on that, now, I was certainly a conceited little brat. I was really not thinking about how bored Chloe must’ve been while I tried on, like, everything in the juniors section. Also, I was too skinny.

I was going to list off all the things I have to do tonight, but I think that would be kinda boring of me, too. But here’s a nice picture of my wrapping helper:

Aislyn the Wrapper

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