Hot Woman (Not Like That)

I am totally comfortable from the waist down in my fleece-lined tights and athletic skirt. From the waist up; however, I am all but dying. Even in short sleeves!

My hair is curling from all the moisture my body is producing.

Yes, I care about how my hair looks, too, and that’s at least partly why I also resist wearing my hat at times. Don’t want hat head.

I’ve drunk so much damn Diet Pepsi this morning. I completely realize how I poison myself with this shit; I just don’t have the wherewithal to quit right now.

And yes, you guessed it. I just wanted to use the word “wherewithal” in a sentence.

I have quit soda before. Several months at a time. But it always eventually finds its way back into my system. What can I say? It wants me bad.

The artificial sweetener is terrible for you, if you didn’t know. It’s way worse than regular soda.

But if I drank as much regular soda as diet, I’d be three of me. Not kidding. It’s that bad.

So, I’d probably better head back.

Fine day, no complaints. K still out. Been pretty busy. Talk later.

I’m still here. Just not ready to get up yet. But I’ve got to. Okay…3, 2, 1. Oops, here’s CEG. Good time to go.

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