Hold That Thought

Well, today’s been different. I’m not running around as much as I was yesterday. A. told me to focus on Mazda and Honda, and I don’t think Mazda is running.

I saw E coming in while I was coming back from the bathroom, or water, or both, but he was too far away.

I should’ve yelled, “Hey, ShopVue Guy, I need you!” No. Neither would I really yell that across the production floor, nor, I imagine, would he appreciate it.

I did almost flag down IT Guy that way, though.

I have to say that Derek is right. It is annoying when you’re talking to someone about something and they cut you off to completely change the subject. Like they weren’t even listening to you. One person is doing that to me the last couple of days. I won’t say who, because I like the person, but yes, I do find that frustrating and annoying.

I’m sorry, was my amusing little story boring you? That comment couldn’t have waited 12 more seconds? My bad. I guess.

So I’m going to try harder not to do it, myself. I usually play the ADHD card (like: If I don’t say this one thing right now, I’m going to forget to say it and it’s important!!), but there’s really no excuse.

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