I was getting dressed for work and I looked down at my legs. I had black, sooty stuff all around my ankle.

At first I thought I had somehow very badly injured myself (I didn’t have my glasses on, yet), but when I bent down and rubbed it, some of it disappeared. Then I looked at the other leg. Also sooty.

All I can think is that the wide leg jeans let in too much dirt from work.

Make no mistake about it, the WH is a dirty place.

I break a lot of nails, too.

I still like it, though. It’s ironic and kind of a cruel trick that nature has played on me, with the carpal tunnel and tendinitis, because I really enjoy working with my hands.

I have OT today after work. I need it.

I will have to skip the post-work Dunkin run; there won’t be time. Maybe after. I’d go at lunch, but I’m bringing Derek’s chili today, wouldn’t have time to eat it. It’s very good.

Dunkin + run = Drunkin.

Dunkin + rum = Drunkin, too.

Sorry, my silly good mood from yesterday persists, despite a poor night’s sleep. So, actually, not sorry.

Have a swell day, my friends, and a safe commute. Thank you for reading 😊❤️🥰

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