Burning Hot Chili

This is the problem with hot lunch. You have to wait for it to cool. So you buy Fritos to tide you over, and it’s an extra 320 calories you don’t need.

But damn, are Fritos yummy. And they go well with the scalding chili.

Because that’s just what I need, too. More tongue injuries.

Maybe if I got a tongue ring, I’d have something in my mouth to play with. And I’d forget about the fibrous bump from the bad bite that’s never getting removed for $466 after my deductible has been met.

Maybe I’d eat less, too.

Nah. A tongue ring would look weird on me. And kind of unprofessional, I guess.

I’ve definitely discussed this before. Sorry, readers.

Good day. No complaints.

OT today.

Go time. Bye bye 😉

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