Desmond’s Snowflake

I told Desmond that his snowflake was beautiful, he did a really good job not getting frustrated making it, and we should do something special.

He said, “I’m in 4th grade, we have to do stuff like that all the time. Do you really think I’d get frustrated making a snowflake?”

I said, “Yes! Stuff like that used to really frustrate you when you were littler. I must’ve not seen you do that kind of task in a long time. But you did awesome, that’s a big deal.”

He used to see an OT for his fine motor skills when he was younger. It was the only area, really that was underdeveloped from his prematurity, the fine motor and self-help.

A few years ago, he might’ve flung that snowflake across the room. There might’ve been yelling and a meltdown. But yesterday, he only made the statement that he was probably almost done with the task because it was becoming frustrating. To me, that’s huge.

I understand that a lot of it probably does have to do with the fact that he’s older, and better able to express himself verbally, which is what I think even he was trying to tell me.

However, I’m his mother, I still remember his toddler and preschool years, and I felt it should be recognized. To me, it is a milestone.

He’s growing up. He’s growing up well.

Rare, red-winged snowflake

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