It’s a good day for the library. Desmond got books about Charlie Brown and Poland. He’s working his way through the countries. For fun.

Similarly, Aislyn checked out a book about Italy (previously Costa Rica), and also a book about soccer.

Both kids made snowflakes from beads and pipe cleaners. Desmond persisted and didn’t get angry when the task became frustrating for him. That’s, like, pretty huge for him, actually. I told him he did a great job, but he should probably get something special for that. Number cookies, maybe.

There used to be a station with a touch screen computer for kids to play games on, but they removed that, and I’m glad. My kids get enough screen time, I’m afraid.

The librarians were very helpful, too. Proactive. I like proactiveness. Or is it pro activity?

Fine motor fun

Desmond is off to his first week of basketball of the season. I hope he has fun. He’s not super coordinated and probably won’t be a star player in high school, although I think he’d kill it on the track team; the kid’s got stamina.

All I care about is whether or not he has fun, and if he demonstrates good sportsmanship. He doesn’t have to be the star anything.

He and Aislyn are both stars in my sky.

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