Them Gemba Guys Again

I had to pull two whole pallets of boxes right through the middle of the Gemba walk. I’m pretty sure I almost took out poor Motorcycle Kid.

Nah. But I think he might still have this idea somehow that I’m a lot younger than I really am.

Also, they all got to see me in my completely inappropriate work clothes.

At least I had my hat on.

It’s a slippery slope. At first, I tried to follow the dress code exactly. Then, I covertly wore a tank top instead of the shirt under my Hutch fleece. Then, I started wearing my own sweaters again. Before you know it I’m in my total own ensemble, again.

Except now I’m uncomfortable and I feel like I’m going to get spoken to really soon.

So I might have to just buckle down and obey the rules.

At least a little bit.

Must go now. Talk later.

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