So Hot

The building must’ve retained the heat over the warmer days. I’m all but dying.

It was dead for a while until it wasn’t. I’ve been all over.

Something in here really must trigger my allergies. I had to buy a box of Kleenex and bring it to work. And I’m fine everywhere else; I do not have a cold.

That bonus couldn’t come soon enough. I’m just saying. There’s already a backlog of things I need it for.

T. still comes down and eats with all of her production friends. That is so nice. I like her, anyway. Nice lady.

I had a terrible night. I’m going to stop bragging about how low my points are, because I think I totally sabotage and make a liar out of myself later on.

It’s the cabinets. Those two snack cabinets are packed with trigger foods.

I need to just stop buying the cupcakes altogether. You know, the Hostess ones? They’re not even that great, I just eat them because they’re there. I really only like the cream and frosting.

Everything else can go in the lock box.

As much as I enjoy the workout I get in the WH, I really need to get myself upstairs. I think it would be a game changer.

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