I’ve been out straight pretty much all morning. I am so tired. Hard to believe I’ve only got 14,000 steps as of noon. I am ready to keel over.

Damned if I can think of anything I haven’t already said.

When I get back, I hope I can sit on my stool and peel labels for a while. But I’m kind of doubting it. Honda’s been relatively quiet. I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop over there.

My God, where did the last 20 minutes go?

That’s it. When I get home, I’m cleaning the bathtub, so I can have a proper bath tonight.

Yeah, probably not. I’m going to be too exhausted. I also have a psychotherapy appointment.

Aww, and I’m here until 2:30, now, too! I had forgotten about that. I started last week, I think, or the week before. But I still forget almost everyday until the afternoon.

There’s the music. Back later.

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