Furry Christmas

I just sat on my couch in black jeans. Oops. Now I’m covered in white and orange cat hair. Will have to lint roll myself on the way out.

I had weird dreams about college. I was college skinny again.

I like to think I was happier when I was very thin. The truth is, I was not. I was the same me, just in a different size.

Not only that, the pressure of staying thin was a constant, pervasive compulsion in my life. As in, I would obsess over every food choice I perceived as bad or wrong.

If I went up five pounds, it was the end of the world. Five pounds! You fluctuate up and down five pounds normally.

Anyway, I’m glad to be back to work today, back to my 20,000 steps a day, my normal routine.

Those ladies have calmed right down, now that they know I’m not going to let them manipulate me. All the requests are in the system.

It’s not just the principle of the thing. It’s that it’s much easier and more efficient when they follow the protocol.

Probably at least partly because of the ADHD, if you tell me something, and I’m already busy, I’m apt to forget. If it’s in the system, I can’t forget it.

It also supports them because it documents the request.

I was never rude about it. Just assertive. Assertiveness doesn’t come naturally to me, but I do find it gets easier in my ripe old age.

Time to go. Have a great morning, a safe commute, and thanks for reading.

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