Nintendo Fiasco

I’m going through something I can’t explain. But it’s keeping me awake.

I’m doing my light and coffee, although I kind of wish I was sleeping. But I like this time, and it’s limited. Desmond will be up before I know it.

We have the Nintendo Switch. I fought the good fight about screen time. And somehow lost. Our house is littered with screens and we all have them. Myself included.

Anyway, the Switch has stopped working. Derek called tech support and has to send it to them to be repaired. Could take up to three weeks.

Poor Desmond. When Derek said it was broken and nothing could be done, Desmond cried. Twice. But then he called tech support, and now Des is okay.

Except he’s not. You can tell he’s putting on a brave face, but he’s still kind of devastated to be without it for three weeks. His big sad eyes give him away.

He wanted to have his friend over, who is also a big gamer, and was trying last night to figure out what they could do here besides the Switch.

I suggested board games, but I know it’s not the same. He doesn’t ride a bike. He plays basketball, but all our balls are deflated. His buddy plays soccer. Maybe I could get him a soccer ball. They could go out and kick the ball around. Or they have that indoor disk thing, now. Hmmm…

He’s coming over today, is the issue.

What do 9-year-old boys do?

Desmond’s interests are very idiosyncratic. He loves maps, flags, geography. He writes comics. He likes BFDI and Algaecosathlon—don’t ask, it’s too hard to explain. Math. Computers. Space. And of course gaming.

Aislyn’s interests are more typical of a 5-year-old girl. But she does also like a lot of the things her brother does.

When I was a kid, I liked to write. Shocking, I know. I journaled—still have some of them. I also had a spy observation notebook and my own spy club. IMUS: Impossible Mission Undercover Spies.

We listened to the conversations of my grouchy downstairs neighbor: “I think I hear those kids again.” We had a poster-drawing offshoot. We also built a snow fort.

So, yeah, pretty much exactly like my hero, Harriet the Spy 😉

My brothers and I walkie-talkied, biked, scootered, ran the bases through our childhoods. We also had Nintendo, though.

We used to do radio shows for hours on Paul’s Fisher Price tape recorder, too. We had a Casio keyboard. We used to Sit and Spin ourselves sick.

We had all kinds of ways to play.

And, in their defense, Des and pals do more than video game, too. Last time they hung out, they worked on their town poster projects they’d started in school. They play laser tag. They go outside. They read a ton.

I’m sure they’ll figure something out.

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