The Tree

Derek and the kids walked to the church and got the tree while I took a 10-minute nap. We all just decorated it.

Next to the tree, they both used to be so tiny.

Every year, we put on our Michael McDonald DVD, which Derek found me at CVS and thought (rightly) would be hilarious.

We drink egg nog, hot cocoa, and, in my case, Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi, and cover the tree in probably way too many homemade ornaments.

It looks pretty, though, no?

My mother used to sleep while we decorated the tree. Then later, she’d get up and rearrange our placement of the ornaments. It really bummed me out, so I don’t do it to my kids.

As you might imagine, holidays growing up in my house were troubled and turbulent.

Now I’m bumming myself out. And you, probably. Sorry about that.

That’s why it’s so important to me, though, that my kids are happy. That’s why I, believe it or not, work hard to be as positive as I can. Because I’m to understand that a child is only as happy as their saddest parent.

Anyway, that’s our beautiful tree. Those are my beautiful children in 2022. I can’t believe how big they are!

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